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Why I Read 3 Books a Week

I have always loved reading, ever since I was a kid.

In those times, reading was more of an escape for me. I could almost dive into the book and live the world of Calvin and Hobbes, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

I can be the heroes that had the traits I didn't, I can go through their hardships and emerge better and more knowledgeable. I wanted their lives.

As an adult, reading was more sporadic for me. I would pick up a book and it would take me ages to "find the time" I needed to finish it.

Ever since I started this journey I am on, at the age of 26, reading as been on the top of my list.

I realized however, to reach the level of higher order thinking, the bases need to be right. Almost like Maslow's hierarchy of needs. You can't reach self actualization if you can't secure water and good.

My bases were; financial stability, emotional intelligence, social improvement, etc. So I kept reading at bay. Looking back at it, maybe this wasn't the best approach. Maybe reading would have helped me achieve all the above. Regardless I put my main focus on what I thought were my basics.

At the end of 2019, I decided that I would stop pushing back this objective I have had for many years and it was about time to get back into reading, a passion I grew up having.

I have been hearing constantly from the top entrepreneurs in our world, that reading is one the most important thing you can do in your life. There must be something there if people like Bill Gates say it right?

I first started by going to the recommended reading lists of entrepreneurs and successful individuals like Joe Rogan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Tom Bilyeu and a few others and adding their recommended books to my own list.

Once I purchased a good amount of books I started to plan out my reading times. There's no point in owning books if you don't make the time to read them.

I realized I wake up early, I go to work an hour early, I don't take a lunch break (I intermittent fast and will write a piece on how major that has been for me),I finish work at a reasonable time and the weekends are all viable timings to read. So I added tasks to my calendar (I will have a separate post about how scheduling my time has improved my life immensely) to trigger alarms when it is time to read.

Once I did that, I was shocked at how quickly I am finishing books. My original plan was 1 book a week, but at the speed I was reading at I realized I can easily finish 2-3 books a week (not all books I read are massive volumes of course).

I am writing this at the end of January 2020, and so far I have achieved my goal of 3 books a week.

The result so far?

My knowledge on topics I knew and didn't know has grown immensely. I write notes while I read and then go back and reflect on those notes, and in doing so have gleamed major life lessons that I apply now. My vocabulary is improving and I can sense that and the best party of it all; I can share what I learned with you, the reader of this post.

I have realized that growing my knowledge and sharing it with you, is what makes me truly happy.

I cannot recommend reading books enough, even if it is 1 book a month. Just start and you will see how much knowledge and value you can amass.

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