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Why do we listen to the music we do?

Why do we surround ourselves with people who think and talk like us?

When we do, I realized, we cannot formulate thoughts on new ideas and explore topics we never thought of before.

That is one thing that makes me grateful to have a podcast.

The fact that I can talk to people who think and practice different things than I do.

When I had Rayan Bailouni, a music producer, on my most recent podcast episode, a thought came into my head and I voiced it.

Why do we listen to the music we do?

I for one, always leaned towards Tupac as a teenager.

By talking to Rayan, I began to voice my idea on why that was.

Was it because Tupac was a sign of rebellion and being different? Was it my own way of being rebellious?

I also started looking at my friend circles across the years. Mostly every guy I knew either was into rap and/or heavy metal. Was it because as Arabs we all have an inner rebel and music was our outlet for such rebellion against our parents and society?

I am still formulating my thoughts on this topic and will continue to voice them as I try to find where I stand on this.

The fact that Rayan came from the music world, got me thinking of ideas and topics I haven't really voiced before; and in doing so helped me formulate new ideas and make them more structural.

That is key, that is a learning I want to share with you all.

Talk to people who are different, even if you disagree with their ideas and thoughts. By doing so, you yourself will start to build your own ideas on topics you have never thought of before.

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