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The Raven and Other Favorite Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

I think poetry, overall, is quite subjective. Some poems resound deeply in your soul while others don't have a strong impact. I always knew of Edgar Allan Poe. I am sure I read some poems of his during school, but nothing that stuck with me.

So I finally have picked up this book and read many of his poems, with of course his most famous one The Raven.

The symbolism is quite dark in The Raven with the story revolving around a man deep in remorse over the loss of his loved one. A raven appears constantly repeating the word "nevermore", almost telling the man that he will hold his wife nevermore.

Reading it I got a sense of "letting go"; the man himself in the poem is not able to let go of his wife and wants to remain in perpetual grief.

I can understand why people find this poem so powerful, but it didn't hit home with me. I understand the symbolism and the lesson here, but I was not blown away.

Recommended for: Lovers of poetry

Score: 7.7/10

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