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The Moment I Became Accountable

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I lived the majority of my life being unaccountable to everything that happened, good or bad but especially the bad.

If I failed at school, it was the teacher's fault.

If I hated my job, it was my boss's fault.

If I broke my leg, it was God's fault.

One thing was certain for me then, it was NEVER my fault.

The only constant occurrence was more negative events.

Once I hit rock bottom in my life (will talk more about this in another post) at the age of 26, I naturally went through my "who to blame" checklist. I realized at that moment, is that I checked everyone and everything on that list already and I am in this terrible moment in life.

It hit me just then, there is one person you have not blamed yet...yourself

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