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The Magical Worlds of the Lord of the Rings by David Colbert

Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and the Simarillion have always had a very special place in my heart.

These books were there for me when I needed a world to escape to. Tolkien, in my opinion, is an absolute genius at creating intricate and detailed worlds, so for me to imagine myself living in Middle Earth was not hard at all.

David Colbert has done a marvelous job in explaining many aspects of the books and Tolkien himself that I did not know. For example, the great spider Ungoliant and Shelhob can be traced to the time Tolkien was bitten by a spider in South Africa as a child.

Every chapter is based on a question such as “Why Did Tolkien Make Bilbo Disappear?” and “What’s the Origin of the Word Hobbit?”; David proceeds to answer those questions using his knowledge from Tolkien’s life and writing process.

I was able to learn the effects that Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythology had on Tolkien and the comparisons between the characters and the stories, as well as why Tolkien chose to have Narsil break when Isildur attacked Sauron.

I don’t want to give too much away, but it was a very easy and quick read and filled with information that brought me closer to the books and the author that wrote them.

Recommended for: Anyone who read and enjoyed LOTR, Hobbit or Simarillion

Score: 9.4/10

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