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The LTTO Podcast | #55 Build That Empire w/ Nick Vinckier

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


I have been obsessed with this concept for a while now and discuss it openly with my podcast guests, friends and on social media.

Sometimes in life, you go down a rabbit-hole due to circumstances, your group of friends, or a number of other reasons.

My guest in this episode started his hustle creating a rap group in his hometown to then owning a nightclub at the age of 20. He had to develop that self-awareness to realize that if he continued down that road, it might take him to a place he did not want to go. He is currently the Head of Growth at Chalhoub Group after spending many years as Managing Director of Duval Consulting.

Nick found a way to take the learnings of his youth and implement them in his professional life. Listening to that journey was just awesome!

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