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Shut Up and Listen! by Tilman Fertitta

I never heard of Tilman Fertitta only until very recently, but im glad I did.

This self made billionaire has lessons for all of us, even those who don’t necessarily have a business.

While reading this book I took a ton of notes and learned from this highly successful individual.

The book itself outlines the lessons and journeys that Tilman went through from the beginning of his career to the most recent successes and failures.

One thing that stuck out throughout the entire read, is that he had courage in his life to act. When times were tough, he made big moves and when times were good he planned ahead.

I think it is human nature to recede when things get bad, while Tilman did the complete opposite; he advanced.

Some of the lessons I was able to extrapolate from the book were:

Patience is very important and especially when first starting out; we have to surround ourselves with the right people and people that align with our life goals. If you take the time to be self aware and analyze yourself you can change and keep a strong mindset that will help propel you to a better future.

This book is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners, BUT it is so full of lessons and examples that it applies to all of us. It is an easy read with many quotes and exercise, as well as a great summary at the end of each chapter. Definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their life, change their mindset and/or starting a new business venture.

Recommended for: Entrepreneurs, anyone looking to enhance their mindset, someone starting a new venture

Score: 8.6/10

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