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Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I have never read a book so short but so full of valuable lessons and knowledge, until I read “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker.

I, as probably most, was never introduced to this author or his writing style. Us millennials tend to go where the “hype” is.

Only after seeing this book be recommended by the top leaders in today’s world that I felt there must be something to it.

I am ecstatic that I picked up a copy. Within 50 pages I was able to ask and answer questions such as: “Am I a leader," “How do I learn, by reading or listening,," “What is my value system”. I have had notions about the answers to those questions but never understood them in the way Peter Drucker explains in this book.

The author leads us down a simple, though complex in its ideas, path that allows us to question and learn about the way we work and think in a corporate world. It puts into questions how we self-manage and grow to be successful. It is straight up truth, with very little fluff, that will really make you understand more about yourself. Not all of us are leaders, not all of us work well in certain scenarios and it is ok; as long as you understand that about yourself.

I think that the biggest lesson anyone can get out of this book is, “Who am I?” and answering that question will definitely make a difference.

Recommended for: Anyone who really cares about understanding them self and improving their life

Score: 10/10 I can’t think of another book that in such few pages, added so much value to my life.

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