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Caffeine by Michael Pollan

Another audiobook I did not expect to enjoy so much.

I am not a coffee drinker, ever since I did a double overnight during university and downed 16 cups of coffee. After shaking through my exams and sleeping for 18 hours I swore off of coffee.

Michael Pollan has a great way of bringing in history and psychological facts together to discuss this drug that the world has adopted.

I learned that Lloyd's of London was originally a coffee house where people met to drink coffee and exchange news; I also learned that England got China dependent on opium just to grow its tea trade. The world was definitely impacted by caffeine!

This audiobook taught me the history, war stories, psychological information and a ton more about caffeine. It is only 2 hours long and is very entertaining to listen to and has made me want to research more about this plant.

Recommended for: Anyone who loves coffee and/or history

Score: 8.8/10

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