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At Home Anywhere by Rachael Lynn

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Do you find trouble accepting change? Moving to a completely new place soon? Want to learn to adapt to a foreign land? “At Home Anywhere” by Rachael Lynn is definitely the book for you.

Even for someone such as myself, situated and well adapted to my surroundings, I found value in the book as well. Rachael does a great job in making her writing accessible to basically everyone.

By telling her story, Rachael is able to formulate valuable lessons that can help anyone following in her footsteps. She documents the constant moves in her life, the struggle of living in a foreign country, the lessons in her newfound marriage and much more.

What I found refreshing and different in her writing style, is that she using bullet points and quick learnings in each chapter to help you focus on the areas of value and knowledge. It breaks the standard and sometimes mundane reading flow that we are used to.

The book itself follows Rachael's journey, starting off from the small moves she did in North America, the new friends and life she had to be accustomed to and eventually to her big move to Dubai in the Middle East. Along the way she learns lessons such as accountability, self awareness, organization, honesty and effective communication in a partnership.

While reading I took notes and pulled the lessons that applied to me, even though I was not undergoing any major changes in my present life. Let me share the value that I received from this book. A returning lesson throughout the book itself is gratitude and Rachael truly shows how grateful she is in her life and experiences. I believe we all need to be more grateful in our lives and reading from Rachael’s perspective helped me solidify this important aspect in my own life.

Accountability and self awareness are 2 issues I have personally been obsessed with for the last couple of years and something I found lacking in my life. By focusing and working on these 2, my life improved significantly and you can tell when reading “At Home Anywhere” that they have affected Rachael positively as well. She recommends self reflection and awareness exercises in the book and explains how utilizing them can help with dealing with changes in life.

While reading the book you almost feel a connection with the author and are a part of her evolution throughout the years. So when you reach the end and find out how Rachael has used the lessons she gives us to be able to deal with a big move, marriage and completely new life you leave the last page with a sense of happiness for her. Changing our life completely is a difficult task and one that many fail at. By reading about Rachael’s attempt at it and her found success you can extract the knowledge and value that applies to yourself and hopefully put it forth to better your life.

Recommended for: Anyone moving to a new city or country, changing a major aspect in their life and/or anyone look to change their life for the better

Score: 8.4/10

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