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Animal Farm by George Orwell

I loved reading this book! I can’t believe I did not pick it up sooner.

George Orwell is great at painting the close symbolism of each animal to their Soviet counterpart.

The story itself follows the timelines of Trotsky and Stalin, which are depicted by 2 pigs Snowball and Napoleon. The pigs lead the animals to overthrow the owner of the farm, representing the Tsars and the Russian Revolution of 1917, and took over ownership of the farm.

The remainder of the book follows Stalin/Napoleon as he assumes power and abolishes Snowball/Trotsky and instills his power over the farm and the aftermath of that.

The representation of each animal to their human counterparts in real life, such as Boxer representing the poor working class, was masterfully done.

The fact that the time this book was released Communism and Soviet Russia were thought of as positive movements, shows the importance of such a book to shed the light on the truth.

Great read, very entertaining and taught me a lot about the Russian Revolution that I did not know about.

Recommended for: Anyone who loves history, Communism and Soviet history

Score: 9.2/10

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