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The LTTO Podcast - #50 The Majestic Creature w/ Yasser Ahmad

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Hi All! Welcome to the new Let's Take This Online podcast format.

Moving forward all episodes can be found here, on YouTube where you can watch the first 30 minutes of the #podcast, before choosing to continue on the podcast platform of your choice. The whole point is to bring you the best of both worlds, video and audio.

My first guest in this new format is Yasser Ahmad. It was awesome to riff and discuss different topics such as Arab middle names, the reality of nature, moose and a ton of other #tangents.

You can find the links to the podcast platforms here:

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We enjoyed recording the episode so much we decided to create and co-host a brand new podcast show called The Tangent! This new show will tackle completely new subjects to us such as orca whales in captivity and the US electoral process; with the point being to grow our knowledge and formulate our ideas on those topics and in turn add value and knowledge to you the listener. The Tangent will be out very soon and can be found on all podcast platforms as well as YouTube.


My name is Digital Hoos or Hussam and I've spent the last 5 years of my life becoming accountable, self-aware and focusing on my purpose. #Knowledge is what drives me and sharing the knowledge that I learn through books, conversations and podcasts with others, brings me absolute #happiness.

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