Who Is Digital Hoos?

Who am I? An existential question that I will try to summarize below.

I am Digital Hoos or Hussam ElHage; Head of Digital, a podcaster, and host of the Let’s Take This Online podcast, a speaker and panelist for podcast and digital topics in Dubai, published writer across the top media publications in the region and an expert when it comes to digital transformation, programmatic media and all aspects of digital media buying.

My podcast was listed in the top 10 best podcasts in Dubai by Lovin Dubai and Podio

My life story so far:

After being born in Charleston, West Virginia, the family and I relocated to Saudi Arabia. In the year 2000, we relocated once again to my origin country of Lebanon where I spent the next 11 years, from Middle School to Bachelors.

Bullying was a major part of my life throughout Middle School and High School and really affected my confidence and other aspects of my life. I was always one of the tallest kids in class, but that didn’t really help when it came to the bullying aspect. Maybe I was an easy target, who knows?

All I know is that I battled with self-confidence and overcompensated throughout my university days. I wasn’t the friend people deserved and I was filled with rage, all the time. 

I moved to Dubai in 2012 after receiving my Master’s Degree at Brunel University London. I arrived in Dubai with a giant ego, expecting the world to give me it all. What happened? I fell flat on my face and found myself in debt.

I was so broke (remember this was in the glamorous city of Dubai) that I couldn’t afford water (the tap water is not drinkable in Dubai) and I had to take water bottles from work.

Pretty quickly I hit rock bottom in my professional and personal life. I had no friends, I had just broken my ankle and I was lonely.

At that precise moment, I decided that something HAS to change and it had to start with me.

I started being accountable for everything wrong in my life.

I stopped blaming others for my shortcomings.

I let go of resentments and unnecessary emotions.

I went to WORK! Not just professionally, but emotionally, mentally, socially and physically.

I drowned out the negativity in my head by listening to nonstop positive people such as GaryVee, David Goggins and Joe Rogan. It is a cliche I know, but it WORKED!

Fast forward to today, and I am still a work in progress; I am happily married, head of digital, a podcaster, my relationship with my father is the best it has ever been (I can proudly say that he is my best friend), 20kgs lighter and my emotions don’t take over me anymore.

This is not a showoff piece, I just wanted to show you the journey I have been through and still going through today. So you can understand just who Hussam is.

I will keep documenting my journey and creating content to help others; be it through digital knowledge or my podcast.

I hope you enjoy the content I am putting out and please LIKE and share this page.

Much Love,

Hussam aka Digital Hoos